Java: SOAPWatch


Today I am inserting a big project of mine: SOAPWatch

SOAP Watch’s purpose is to enable the user to watch his SOAP traffic flow from his client to the server and back with the server’s response.

How does it work?

Lets assume A as the client and B as the server while S as the SOAP data which is transferred from A to B (and back).

The current module will look like the following schema:

A —— S ——> B


SOAPWatch enters between A and B – Receives the SOAP message from A and resends it to B, then receives B’s response and sends it to A.

The Upgraded module will look like the following schema:

A — S —> SOAPWatch — S —> B


Well why do we need SOAPWatch for?

The added value of SOAPWatch is it’s GUI which enables the user to see the messages as they are transferred back and forth.


That’s all?

If only for that – SOAPWatch was enough, (The following sentence will be true, but its not yet implemented) but as I built it I’ve added some advanced cool features, like resending an old message (imitating the client) as well as sending brand new SOAP messages without any client at all.


Why did you build it?

“Need is mother of Invention” – As a programmer I’ve created some webServices which didn’t always return the expected results, I just Had to see the actual messages being sent to and returned from my Soap server.

Of course i tried several other freewares which are supposed to do the same job, but when I got disappointed I decided to build my own…

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