Java: XMLReformatter


I am today inserting an old util of mine called “XMLReformatter”.

It happens all of the time.


You get some XML file, usually it’s a machine generated XML containing no spaces between its elements not to mention tabs indentation.


Usually, you’ll have two options:

1) Start editing the XML, adding line breaks and tabs as you go – No need to mention how tiresome this method can be, especially when you have to do it multiple times.

2) Try reading the file “as is”, mumbling incomprehensible tag names and straining your eyes till they almost pop out.


Now there is an easy and simple way: XMLReformatter

Just download this piece of freeware, copy and paste the scrambled text, press the “process” button, and thats it!


The XML will appear in its Human Readable form, consisting of  tabs and line breaks.

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