ILD Callback


ILD Callback is an Android Callback (long distance calls) application.

ILD CallbackIt’s purpose is to enable the enterprise user to call international calls while paying (while the company pays) low rates.


The way it works is by initiating a “CallBack”, a callback is a method an Asterisk (telephony server) uses to call two destinations.

It first calls the first number (In the regular case you will want to insert your own number there), after the call is answered, it calls the second number, then merges (behund the scenes) both calls to one happy call.


This application is released for the enterprise market and thus is distributed by the companies to their employees, it won’t be uploaded into Google’s Market and it’s APK file is not to be downloaded from my site, so you can just enjoy the screenshots for now.



I am sorry but this application is not available for download.

It does not exist in Google’s play market and the company doesn’t allow to post the APK file

News and Updates

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