PokeTALK is an international calling service that allows one to make calls from one’s own phone at rates up to 90% lower than traditional international call rates.

With PokeTALK one can call over 80 countries for under 2 cents/minute, at the highest quality.
The app allows one to initiate a callback, which calls your phone and then connects you, so no internet, microphone, or headset is needed once the call is initiated. You speak from your own phone, landline or mobile, and can call over 200 countries.


The application sends JSON RESTful requests to our poketalk servers in order to initiate complex server functionality.





News and Updates

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  1. Theresa

    The online gamers service is legit if what you’re looking for is a database with the contact information of current openings for some video game companies, but that’s all. Th71&#82ye;re not the ones that hire you or anything, they give you access to the database, its just a matter of whether that’s what you want or not.


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