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This plugin is very important to any opencart store owner if he has an opencart store versioned between: v1.5.0 – v1.5.2.1

If you have an opencart matching that version then this plugin is a must!


==What does this extension do?==
In a nutshell – causes your site to load faster.
Which enhances your customers’ experience of your site as well as satisfies some of google’s page-load speed-test algorithms,
which causes google to evaluate your site in higher respect (a faster site gets more authority from google since the “Panda” rollout)
which causes your site to appear higher in the search results!

Personally I think this extension is a MUST!! for any site owner, and especially to those stores which contain many categories/subcategories.

==How does the extension do it?==
It reduces the number of database queries done on any given page.

As a thumb rule, the more categories you have, the more load time is reduced using this extension.

For the specifics please go to the “Documentation” tab.

Please note that as a side effect – no quantity totals will be displayed near the category names (not a big loss IMHO).

Please look at the images to see the pages without the quantity counter.

==Will I need to edit any core files?!==
This extention is based on VQMod so just drop the file to its respective folders and that’s it!

No changes to the database or any core/template file.



The plugin should be downloaded from the official Open Cart plugin site which will always be updated, the plugin page can be found here:

(VQMod) Optimize and Speedup your open cart ( great for SEO )

If you want support for this plugin, please read & ask any question in the “comments” tab which is a ┬ádedicated forum on the same page.

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