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I have created another Opencart plugin

–What does this extension do?–
homepage-with-scroll-extensionEnhances your user’s experience by adding a gracefull scroll to the top When a user gets to any scrollable page (longer than the screen) on your site.
A nice icon (of a screen with arrows) will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Upon clicking on the icon the screen will scroll itself beautifully to the top.

That’s it – Improves the user experience of your site – greatly.

–Will I need to edit any core files??!–
This extention is based on VQMod so just drop the files to their respective folders and that’s it!

No changes/updates to the database or any core/template file.


–What about future upgrades?–
I always update my extensions and whenever a new Opencart version is out I check for my plugin’s compatibility and update it if needed.



The plugin should be downloaded from the official Open Cart plugin site which will always be updated, the plugin page can be found here:

Scroll Beautifully to the top

If you want support for this plugin, please read & ask any question in the “comments” tab which is a ┬ádedicated forum on the same page.

News and Updates

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