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Video to Theora v2.0 Released

Hi Everyone,


I am proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of Video to Theora,

Video to theora is a GUI wrapper around the best commandline tool which converts any video file to the theora (.ogv) format, the commandline lacks in two aspects:

  • It has no GUI (commandline…)
  • It has too many features

The GUI has a nice graphical interface & has only the most powerful feature (converting the video files) while cutting out all of the rest of the (unneeded?) features.

This version introduces the following improvements:

  • Major code refactoring – I have improved the internal code a lot
  • Nice Icons – Added nice icons to the buttons and to the actual application
  • Updated the About dialog box
  • Added a help dialog box
  • Created a simple yet powerful algorithm which identifies the commandline exe file automatically or asks the user to manually find it, and a persistence layer for that property
  • Added a debug mode – so any problem in the application could be easily found
  • Many minor improvements


Enjoy the new version and if you have any question or feature request then please send it to me.



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