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Java: Digui

Digui’s purpose is to enable every user to ‘dig’ a server (like DNS servers) in order to get its response using an intuitive and nice gui.

What’s the connection between Digui and unix’s ‘dig’ command?

Digui mimics unix’s dig command, while using a nice and fully configurable gui.


Why should I use Digui and not the regular dig?

Well, if you are using unix and are familiar with dig’s arguments as well as unix’s console, I suppose you won’t need it.


  • If you want the dig parameters to be visible to you without having to man the dig command,
  • If you want to save your configurations so you won’t need to configure the IP address / port etc every time,
  • If you want to use a nice gui program rather than a console program,
  • If you are a windows user…


Then Digui can help you achieving all of the above.

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