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Finished insertion of “Remove product count…” Opencart plugin

I have finally finished inserting the page for this plugin.’

Feel free to visit that page and download the plugin (if you use an Opencart framework).


This is the last plugin I have created for the opencart system and I won’t create any new Opencart extensions in the near future… Probably  :-)





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Opencart: Remove Total Product Count on Categories



I am inserting the last opencart plugin I have created: “Remove Total Product Count on Categories”

==What does this extension do?==
Remove total products countEnhances the look of your site by removing the products qty ( quantity ) count [On the site it usually appears in brackets ] from the:
* Header
* Category module
* Category page (Removes the products count in the parenthesis at the “refine” section)

==How do I install the extension?==
It is a VQMod so it is as simple as it gets – just:
Copy the files in the “vqmod/xml” directory into the “vqmod/xml” directory of your server.

==Will I need to edit any core files??!==
This extention is based on VQMod so No changes to the database or any core/template file.

==Can I remove the total product count from some of the places retaining it on others?==
Yes you can.

You can choose where you want it to appear and where not.

==Can I see a demo site – the plugin in work?==
Demo: http://kings-quest.net/kingsquestdownloads

==What is vQmod ?==

==How can I uninstall the plugin?==
Just remove the vqmod files from the “vqmod/xml” folder on your server:

==Can I install the extension on several opencart stores?==
Yes, as long as they are truly yours and not your friend’s or client’s.

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