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Video to Theora v2.0 Released

Hi Everyone,


I am proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of Video to Theora,

Video to theora is a GUI wrapper around the best commandline tool which converts any video file to the theora (.ogv) format, the commandline lacks in two aspects:

  • It has no GUI (commandline…)
  • It has too many features

The GUI has a nice graphical interface & has only the most powerful feature (converting the video files) while cutting out all of the rest of the (unneeded?) features.

This version introduces the following improvements:

  • Major code refactoring – I have improved the internal code a lot
  • Nice Icons – Added nice icons to the buttons and to the actual application
  • Updated the About dialog box
  • Added a help dialog box
  • Created a simple yet powerful algorithm which identifies the commandline exe file automatically or asks the user to manually find it, and a persistence layer for that property
  • Added a debug mode – so any problem in the application could be easily found
  • Many minor improvements


Enjoy the new version and if you have any question or feature request then please send it to me.



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Finished insertion of v1.0 to the site and some future plans

Finished insertion of the dedicated page for the Video to Theora application v1.0

This version is finalized, and has been uploaded into the site.


Some future plans:

I am planning a big update to the application consisting of code refactoring, several feature requests, major GUI enhancements and many bug fixes – this will be v2.0.

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Video to Theora v1.0

I am presenting before you the first release of Video2Theora (v1.0), this is a small windows application which converts any video file to the Theora codec format which uses the .OGV file extension.

My utility is a GUI-Windows wrapper to a great and efficient command line tool called: ffmpeg2theora, this tool works really well by encapsulating all of the video conversion to Theora mechanics in a simple yet powerful command line tool.

Why do I like that command line tool?

Because it does only one atomic task – Converts any video to Theora.

You can find lots of software out there converting any video format to any video format with hundreds of codecs supported and lots and lots of features (And lots of spyware & adware software installed onto your computer) – do you know what? I don’t need fancy features, I don’t need hundreds of codecs – I just want to convert any video file to the Theora format and I want it to be done in the best way meaning best quality while maintaining a small final OGV file!

And this is what ffmpeg2theora does – only converts Video files to the Theora format while maintaining great size vs quality ratio.


But this command line tool has 2 significant downsides:
1. It is command line based meaning that many many people won’t be able to use it.

2. It added lots of features over the basic conversion usage, like cropping the video and resizing it etc.


This is where my simple GUI wrapper comes into place, it uses the command line tool behind the scenes which means that you will get the best Theora conversion engine! while exposing to the user only the conversion functionality using a windows GUI, which means that the two major failures of the command line tool are remedied using my GUI wrapper.

Just download my tool, start it, add files to convert, choose the quality you want and click “Convert” that’s it – Keep it Simple.

I am going to put a page online today about the Tool for the benefit of all.

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