16colors Archive Downloader v1.0


New Open Source Project is Born

I am happy to announce a new open source project which was just born and can be found in Github.


This project: 16colors Archive Downloader, has already gained two versions (v0.9 & v1.0) and is fully working with all needed features.

What does it do ?

16colors Archive Downloader, downloads ANSI art packs from the Sixteen Colors official archive.

The problem my project attempts to solve is that the ANSI archive is huge (more than 4.5gb) and in some cases makes it hard to download.


So, the downloader , downloads the archive, has a nice log so you know where it stands and supports a resumable download mechanism, where it identifies failed downloads and will download them specifically without downloading the whole archive again.


In addition you can also ask it to download a specific year of ANSI art packs, and it will download only the required years of art packs.