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By optimizing a file I mean making the file smaller without losing content.

Many different file optimizers exist out there, some are good for pictures, some are great for videos while other optimize HTML pages.

Many of those optimizers are command line utils.


Finding the best one was made really easy when I found the ultimate file optimizer.

Why is it ultimate ?

Because it has it all, it is frequently updated, is open sourced, has a nice UI and implements all of those small command line utils as plugins.

It does everything right, even automagically identifies the file type and trying several different lossless optimizers till it finds the best one for each file.


The only downside is that it is somewhat slow, but this doesn’t really bother me as anyway, it is a one-time process so I don’t care so much for its speed.


The name might not be that original, but none other have come close to the usability of the …