Removing Bloat from Windows

Remove Bloated Software from Windows
Remove Bloated Software from Windows

Bloat ?

Windows comes pre installed with lots of software, some of which is not needed.

Unneeded software (bloat) is bad as it takes disk space, registry keys and just pisses me off whenever I see it.

Here those bloat uninstallers come in handy, they uninstall those bloatware and leave you with a clean operating system.


Please note that these bloatware cannot be removed using the traditional way as they are protected, thus we will use the recommended anti-bloat software.

Pay Attention!

Special care should be used when removing these software pieces, as they don’t have the usual “safe” uninstallers, thus we should uninstall them only with good software which won’t remove actual files which the operating system needs.


We should also pay special care not to remove software which you will need further down the line, as one user might want to remove xbox support (for example) while the other might find it useful.

Special Requirements

For our special uninstaller we will look for a software which is from a good place and is fully tested (so it won’t damage our operating system), has an option to create a restore point and will offer granularity so one could choose what he wants to remove and not have a one button to remove them all.

Not good enough Anti-Bloatware

O&O AppBuster Is the winner, although not open sourced, it does give the user great granularity where he can choose which apps he wants to remove or restore, it offers creating windows restore points and even has a nice GUI.

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