Useless Files Cleaner

Clean Useless Files from your Hard Drive
Clean Useless Files from your Hard Drive

Clutter ?

YES, lots of useless files clutter your disk, taking up space and causing fragmentation of your disk or just slow your work as they exist in your drive’s main index and they are not needed for any task.


How did they get there in the first place ?

There are lots of reasons, like bad software design which just creates temporary files in different places without removing them, or it might be bad uninstallers which don’t remove all of the leftovers.


And it might be intentional!

Yes, many pieces of … software leave files in places intentionally so their configurations will remain on your personal disk forever!


Not only that but there are lots and lots of files and configurations not needed by you and maybe even have a downside for being there like the history of your surfing held by your browsers, loke the most recent documents you opened by various applications – scrubbing these buggers not only optimizes your PC and clears disk space but also recovers some of your privacy.

Basic Requirements

Who is the Winner ?

There is lots of competition, some specialize in privacy while others specialize in wiping anything unneeded, but above them all shines …

Be sure it downloads (in settings) winapp2.ini files which adds lots of (community driven) cleaners to BleachBit!

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