Text Editor

Text Editor
Text Editor

No special need to talk about text editors, the need is obvious, I use one in so many cases that to mention them makes no sense, but still, just to mention the basic usages

  • Simple notes (Quick)
  • Viewing large files (Indexing of the text file)
  • Viewing logs (Regex search)
  • Viewing code (Syntax highlighting)

Other kinds of files (Plugins to support different kinds of files)

So the candidates here are many, and obviously, for full blown code editing I will choose a dedicated IDE, and for a quick note I will use Notepad but for all of the rest I checked many text editors and all of the small ones (hundreds of them), although cute and useful for certain tasks, they stand no chance against the big ones, so the final candidates were:

  • Notepad++ (which fell from the race due to its ugly interface and older way of doing things)
  • Twitter’s Atom (Which I dropped as it didn’t handle big files well)
  • SublimeText
  • VisualStudio Code

I naturally leaned towards SublimeText, as I used it a lot previously and I had this basic antigonism towards a Microsoft editor, but after trying both of these final candidates fairly, VisualStudioCode won the race easily.


SublimeText is late to get updates and needs too much fussing to configure easily (plugins and all)

Visual Studio Code just works wonderfully with every feature needed working out of the box, easily and nicely.