Files Utilities
Files Utilities

File System Utilities

In this category I want to include the best software which handles the different aspects of the file system, from Windows Explorer alternatives (dual pane – Norton-Commander-like file managers) to file archivers, uninstallers and anything in between.

Why do we see less of these ?

Microsoft attempts to hide all file-related software as it sees it as behind the scenes actions and show the user only the needed functionality and not the file-utilities implementations.


Thus it will by default hide the file extension, will have an APP section in the control panel where one can uninstall software and show compressed files as folders.


This is not necessarily bad, it might be a good idea for most users, but power users will prefer handling the file related issues while understanding what happens with the ability to compare different implementations.


For example, a power user might prefer using 7zip instead of using windows built in archiving functionality in order to use the advanced functionality 7zip might offer like levels of compression, testing the archive, exporting to an executable etc.

Requirements for choosing the leading utility