Lossless Video/Audio Editing

Lossless Video and Audio Editor
Lossless Video and Audio Editor

I am in a constant search for this one and it seems I finally found what I was looking for!

My requirements are simple, I want a simple video/audio editing tool which means no fancy editing, just the basics like cutting and merging and extracting audio from video, while still maintaining the original quality.


Maintaining the original quality is a biggy for me, many utilities for video editing use some sort of video rendering which is a big downside from my point of view, I want the original quality which is always the best quality (unless I am looking for applying video filters but that is saved for an other app), any video processing will somewhat downgrade the original quality or lose audio sync etc.


Another problems with these applications is that many of them come with a lot of spam/adware/malware etc, so preferably I will go for an open source project which is highly maintained.


Lossless video editing will also be the fastest video editing as no rendering/processing of the video should be done!


The best Application I found is…

Honorary Mention should include Mp3DirectCut
This is a small tool (~300k) which cuts and merges mp3 files losslessly and obviously quickly, although not open sourced, it is highly maintained and clean from spam