PDF to JPG Pages Extractor


I had a PDF file and I needed the different pages of it as JPG files, when searching around I found several tools but none satisfied my requirements.

My Requirements

Free software is not open sourced software!


The source is not open or criticized by peer developers, thus no one knows what there is inside the “box”.

And also there are hidden payments in those “free” software tools as the developers find original ways to fund their development, it might be just the degredation of features (so you will buy the “pro” version) but price can unfortunately come as ads or even malware!

I found that Ghostscript is the right way to go, as it is very very powerful and grants me maximum quality output (thus fullfilling my 3rd requirement)


But as Ghostscript is very powerful and comes with lots and lots of features, it also becomes complicated to run (which defies my 2nd requirement)

My Tool

Here comes my simple tool to fill the gap, it is a simple batch files with all of the important configurations already inside (easily configurable for the advanced user).


It can be run in the command line but the user can just drag and drop a PDF file on it and it will automatically extract the PDF pages.


It also automatically finds the OS bit status (32 or 64) and runs the appropriate Ghostscript executable.


And can also extract pages from several PDF files dragged and dropped on it.


So it is super simple!

Very fast

Maximum quality of the output

And of course – open sourced!


In the Github project I have prepared a release, so you can just go on and download it

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