Video (Screen/Cam) Recorder

Video (Cam /Screen) Recorder
Video (Cam /Screen) Recorder

Record All Media Inputs/Outputs of your Computer

Capturing video is a common sight nowdays, the functionality might vary but in general you will need a reliable tool to capture audio from your computer or microphone while also recording the screen video feed (or a window of it) or capturing your video camera.

Output should also be noted as you expect it to be high quality while maintaining a manageable file size using popular video formats.


Apparently this niche is quite flooded with lots of software which is usually a reason for cocnern because there are a lot of spammy software out there and one should be wise to stick to the right software recommendations.

So here are my final candidates all of which are open sourced

The one caveat with OBS Studio is the steep learning curve, it took me several minutes to start recording the way I wanted, but the upside is that once you understand the UI, you get the most advanced features you will find in any of the free competitors.

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