File Manager

File manager
File manager

My pick for the best File Manager is FMAN

The second best file manager is Total Commander

What are my requirements from a File Manager ?

The most basic usage I searched for was the two pane file manager; Yes, Norton Commander style.

There are lots of Norton Commander clones out in the wild, the most famous is Total Commander, many of whom are free!

I tried lots of them, and while they do look somewhat alike, they have their differences (of course).
The file manager I searched for had to be easy to use, light and most important – be better than the basic file explorer windows supplies us, I wanted a file manager to make my life easier, not to just replace the default windows file manager.

Only one satisfied me


  • It is simple to use
  • Built in a really smart way – being modular, extendable using plugins
  • Open sourced
  • With very easy to use shortcuts – Yes! this makes my work amazingly simpler, using the CTRL+p to find any (cached) folder, or CTRL+SHIFT+P to find anything in the settings

And yes, it has the Norton Commander shortcuts (F5 to copy, etc…)

The only (HUGE) cons I found are:

  • It feels still as if it is a beta version
  • No updates in the recent years

The above points are huge cons against this tool, but still even with them it overmatches all of the rest of the file managers.

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