Locate Files

Locate Files on Your Hard Drive
Locate Files on Your Hard Drive

Locate Files ?

Locating files on my hard drives is a super important functionality for me, many times I remember the file name or part of it and am at loss as to it’s location.


Thus this tool’s handiness!


Locating files on the disk is an ancient art, in the Linux systems there is a “Locate” command, and DOS users used the super slow “dir /s” from the root folder.


Even windows tries to implement a search for files which actually might work not so bad if you are looking in a subfolder and not the whole drive.


Google also tried for a period of time to give us an Indexer to index all files on our drive in order to have a fair locator, but even they retired that tool.


So that only means that this void will be filled with 3rd party developers.


The first famous attempt which wins an honorary mention here is Locate32, which indexed the whole drive and found the needed file/s fast, but this attempt has been discontinued for many years now (2012) which leaves us with other options.


Temporary Winner

Why is this winner temporary ?

I didn’t do the research in the last two years, thus I might not recommend the best option here, but even if it is not the best one, it is definitely a great option for a locating utility

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