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Where should a developer store his app ?
What should be the app origin ?

In the early days, many a developer would put their application on an application dedicated site, or on the author’s site. I myself followed this path and in 2011 when I created this site (before I recreated it from scratch), I put the executables of my applications on the site for all to download as freeware.

But since then the dev world has changed and sourceforge (which actually was there way before and I was just not aware of it), Github, Gitlab and others blossomed as nice homes for open source software.

Now, mind you, this change is not minor, it means that my apps will change from free to open source, it might sound like a minor detail, but it is a huge change in the mindset.
But it is a change I don’t mind, since ever my applications were meant to be open source, they weren’t because I didn’t find the right platform to open source them, but in the spirit they always were.

So, to answer my first question: It depends of course, it depends on the status of his software, does he want to open source it? (Github) or does he want it to be closed source but free (On his site) or maybe he wants to sell it (On a store platform).
All options are valid, my choice is to open source my applications.

Thus, I re-begin my software journey, where I intend to collect my old apps and put them into github, while beginning new ones on Github as a default location. I will still write about them here, but the releases as well as the source will remain open!