Java Basic Skeleton with Maven, Junit, SLF4J & Logback v1.0

Java Skeleton Project
Java Skeleton Project

Java Skeleton Project

Every time a developer starts a project he goes over the same actions and needs to jump over the same hoops.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a skeleton of a project, which that developer will be able to copy and have a working project in seconds ?

Your Favorite Java Skeleton Project

In java you now have an easy solution – just take this skeleton of a Java project from Github, and you are good to go!

What's Included ?

You will find inside the basic java package and class, which are supported by Maven, enabling you to work from any environment.


That Maven file will also enable you to build your project into a Jar file with all of the 3rd party libraries included in it.


The project also includes logging using Slf4j (api) and Logback (implementation). as well as Junit5 for testing with a basic test already included.

Anything Else ?

The skeleton should be minimalistic so I only included a .gitIgnore file ignoring Java/Maven & Intellij Idea generated files.

And that’s it – Start coding.


This is the official announecement of my new open source project of the Java Basic Skeleton with Maven, Junit, SLF4J & Logback

Version 1.0